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- D -
This Book's CD-ROM

The companion CD-ROM contains all the source code and project files developed by the authors, plus an assortment of evaluation versions of third-party products. To install, please follow these steps:

Windows 95/NT 4 Installation Instructions

1. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

2. From the Windows 95 or NT 4 desktop, double-click on the My Computer icon.

3. Double-click on the icon representing your CD-ROM drive.

4. Double-click on the icon titled setup.exe to run the CD-ROM installation program.

This program will create a program group with the icons to run the programs on the CD-ROM. No files will be copied to your hard drive during this installation.

NOTE: If you have Windows 95, and the Autoplay feature is enabled, the setup.exe program is executed automatically when the CD-ROM is inserted into the drive.

NOTE: This CD-ROM uses long and mixed-case filenames, requiring the use of a protected-mode CD-ROM driver.

System Requirements

This CD-ROM contains the Microsoft Visual Basic Control Creation Edition. Some of the features of Visual Basic 5 discussed in this book might not be possible with the use of the Control Creation Edition. The Control Creation Edition is provided to allow you to become familiar with the Visual Basic Environment and to create your own ActiveX controls.

The following are the minimum system requirements for the Visual Basic Control Creation Edition: