ereg_replace -- replace regular expression


string ereg_replace(string pattern, string replacement, string string);

This function scans string for matches to pattern, then replaces the matched text with replacement.

The modified string is returned. (Which may mean that the original string is returned if there are no matches to be replaced.)

If pattern contains parenthesized substrings, replacement may contain substrings of the form \\digit, which will be replaced by the text matching the digit'th parenthesized substring; \\0 will produce the entire contents of string. Up to nine substrings may be used. Parentheses may be nested, in which case they are counted by the opening parenthesis.

If no matches are found in string, then string will be returned unchanged.

For example, the following code snippet prints "This was a test" three times:

Example 1. ereg_replace() example

$string = "This is a test";
echo ereg_replace( " is", " was", $string );
echo ereg_replace( "( )is", "\\1was", $string );
echo ereg_replace( "(( )is)", "\\2was", $string );

See also ereg(), eregi(), and eregi_replace().