ifx_affected_rows -- Get number of rows affected by a query


int ifx_affected_rows(int result_id);

result_id is a valid result id returned by ifx_query() or ifx_prepare().

Returns the number of rows affected by a query associated with result_id.

For inserts, updates and deletes the number is the real number (sqlerrd[2]) of affected rows. For selects it is an estimate (sqlerrd[0]). Don't rely on it.

Useful after ifx_prepare() to limit queries to reasonable result sets.

See also: ifx_num_rows()

Example 1. Informix affected rows

$rid = ifx_prepare ("select * from emp where name like " . $name, $connid);
if (! $rid) {
    ... error ...
$rowcount = ifx_affected_rows ($rid);
if ($rowcount > 1000) {
    printf ("Too many rows in result set (%d)\n<br>", $rowcount);
    die ("Please restrict your query<br>\n");