ifx_htmltbl_result -- Formats all rows of a query into a HTML table


int ifx_htmltbl_result(int result_id, string [html_table_options]);

Returns the number of rows fetched or FALSE on error.

Formats all rows of the result_id query into a html table. The optional second argument is a string of <table> tag options

Example 1. Informix results as HTML table

$rid = ifx_prepare ("select * from emp where name like " . $name,
                     $connid, IFX_SCROLL);
if (! $rid) {
   ... error ...
$rowcount = ifx_affected_rows ($rid);
if ($rowcount > 1000) {
    printf ("Too many rows in result set (%d)\n<br>", $rowcount);
    die ("Please restrict your query<br>\n");
if (! ifx_do($rid) {
  ... error ...

ifx_htmltbl_result ($rid, "border=\"2\"");