wddx_serialize_vars -- Serialize variables into a WDDX packet


string wddx_serialize_vars(string var_name | array var_names [, ... ] );

wddx_serialize_vars() is used to create a WDDX packet with a structure that contains the serialized representation of the passed variables.

wddx_serialize_vars() takes a variable number of arguments, each of which can be either a string naming a variable or an array containing strings naming the variables or another array, etc.

Example 1. wddx_serialize_vars example

$a = 1;
$b = 5.5;
$c = array("blue", "orange", "violet");
$d = "colors";

$clvars = array("c", "d");
print wddx_serialize_vars("a", "b", $clvars);

The above example will produce:

<wddxPacket version='0.9'><header/><data><struct><var name='a'><number>1</number></var>
<var name='b'><number>5.5</number></var><var name='c'><array length='3'>
<var name='d'><string>colors</string></var></struct></data></wddxPacket>