XX. Image functions

You can use the image functions in PHP to get the size of JPEG, GIF, and PNG images, and if you have the GD library (available at http://www.boutell.com/gd/) you will also be able to create and manipulate images.

Table of Contents
GetImageSize — get the size of a GIF, JPG or PNG image
ImageArc — draw a partial ellipse
ImageChar — draw a character horizontally
ImageCharUp — draw a character vertically
ImageColorAllocate — allocate a color for an image
ImageColorTransparent — define a color as transparent
ImageCopyResized — copy and resize part of an image
ImageCreate — create a new image
ImageCreateFromGif — create a new image from file or URL
ImageDashedLine — draw a dashed line
ImageDestroy — destroy an image
ImageFill — flood fill
ImageFilledPolygon — draw a filled polygon
ImageFilledRectangle — draw a filled rectangle
ImageFillToBorder — flood fill to specific color
ImageFontHeight — get font height
ImageFontWidth — get font width
ImageGif — output image to browser or file
ImageInterlace — enable or disable interlace
ImageLine — draw a line
ImageLoadFont — load a new font
ImagePolygon — draw a polygon
ImageRectangle — draw a rectangle
ImageSetPixel — set a single pixel
ImageString — draw a string horizontally
ImageStringUp — draw a string vertically
ImageSX — get image width
ImageSY — get image height
ImageTTFBBox — give the bounding box of a text using TypeType fonts
ImageTTFText — write text to the image using a TrueType fonts
ImageColorAt — get the index of the color of a pixel
ImageColorClosest — get the index of the closest color to the specified color
ImageColorExact — get the index of the specified color
ImageColorResolve — get the index of the specified color or its closest possible alternative
ImageColorSet — set the color for the specified palette index
ImageColorsForIndex — get the colors for an index
ImageColorsTotal — find out the number of colors in an image's palette
ImagePSLoadFont — load a PostScript Type 1 from file
ImagePSFreeFont — free memory used by a PostScript Type 1 font
ImagePSEncodeFont — change the character encoding vector of a font
ImagePSText — to draw a text string over an image using PostScript Type1 fonts
ImagePSBBox — give the bounding box of a text rectangle using PostScript Type1 fonts