XXXVII. ODBC functions

Table of Contents
odbc_autocommit — Toggle autocommit behaviour
odbc_binmode — handling of binary column data
odbc_close — Close an ODBC connection
odbc_close_all — Close all ODBC connections
odbc_commit — Commit an ODBC transaction
odbc_connect — Connect to a datasource
odbc_cursor — Get cursorname
odbc_do — synonym for odbc_exec()
odbc_exec — Prepare and execute a SQL statement
odbc_execute — execute a prepared statement
odbc_fetch_into — Fetch one result row into array
odbc_fetch_row — Fetch a row
odbc_field_name — Get the columnname
odbc_field_type — datatype of a field
odbc_field_len — get the Length of a field
odbc_free_result — free resources associated with a result
odbc_longreadlen — handling of LONG columns
odbc_num_fields — number of columns in a result
odbc_pconnect — Open a persistent database connection
odbc_prepare — Prepares a statement for execution
odbc_num_rows — Number of rows in a result
odbc_result — get result data
odbc_result_all — Print result as HTML table
odbc_rollback — Rollback a transaction
odbc_setoption — Adjust ODBC settings. Returns false if an error occurs, otherwise true.