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Learn More About It

In this section, you’ll find additional resources for using Windows 98 in classroom activities and for making the computer more accessible, so you can work better, teach better, and get the most out of your new operating system.


Teaching Tips

For more Windows 98 classroom activities and teaching tips, refer to the following resources:

The Microsoft Education website is the primary means to communicate academic information, programs, and pricing to both Higher Education and K12 audiences. Also check out the Microsoft web site home page for links to other topics of interest to you:


In and Out of the Classroom is a series of free, self-paced training guides designed to help educators master Microsoft software applications. Titles include:

Preview these guides and download them from:


Microsoft Productivity in the Classroom is a series of free curriculum-based workbooks for K12 educators. Designed in partnership with Scholastic, these classroom-tested lesson plans integrate a variety of Microsoft software applications like Office 97, FrontPage 98, Encarta 99 Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition, and Internet Explorer 4.0 throughout a spectrum of K12 subject areas and grade levels.

Download individual lessons or entire workbooks at:


These easy to use tutorials are designed to show educators and students how to use Microsoft software in the classroom. They were created in partnership with ACT360 Media (http://www.actden.com), leading developers of interactive, online courses for education. Tutorials are available for Internet Explorer 4.0 in the Classroom, Outlook Express in the Classroom, PowerPoint 97 in the Classroom, and FrontPage 98 in the Classroom. Check them out at:



Accessibility Resources

Many third-party hardware and software products are also available to help you make computers in your classroom easier to use and more accessible to all individuals. Microsoft has a catalog of accessibility products available on the Microsoft web site at http://www.microsoft.com/enable/catalog.htm.

Additional resources for accessibility include the following:


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