PDF_open_memory_image -- Opens an image created with PHP's image functions


int pdf_open_memory_image(int pdf document, string int image);

The PDF_open_memory_image() function takes an image created with the PHP's image functions and makes it available for the pdf document. The function returns a pdf image identifier.

Example 1. Including a memory image

$im = ImageCreate(100, 100);
$col = ImageColorAllocate($im, 80, 45, 190);
ImageFill($im, 10, 10, $col);
$pim = PDF_open_memory_image($pdf, $im);
pdf_place_image($pdf, $pim, 100, 100, 1);
pdf_close_image($pdf, $pim);

See also PDF_close_image(), PDF_open_jpeg(), PDF_open_gif(), PDF_execute_image(), PDF_place_image(), PDF_put_image().